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Orinoco Flow

It’s been a while, yeah?

Life has gotten kind of crazy, what with the search for a second job, a new place to live, being out of classes for the summer, studying my brains out for the FSOT that I take in 10 days.

Insanity at it’s finest.

– – –

Conditioning and whatnot has been sparse as of late. My shoulders always feel like they are getting stronger, then one day I will be spotting a girl on bars and they will just stop functioning. It has put a damper on my progress, which is incredibly frustrating.

I haven’t done any serious conditioning, stretching or anything in the past week or so. I know it is horrible and it is not the right step on the path to what I hope will be a trip to the Olympic Games in my future, but it was something that needed to be done. I am old enough and aware enough of my body that I know when I need to back off and when I can give 110%. It was time to back off. I need to get my shoulders healthy before I start anything else.

There has also been the issue of the urge to tumble. I haven’t started tumbling yet because I am nowhere near where I need to be (physically) to do so. But I often get the urge when I see others tumbling, or when I am coaching tumbling classes.

This, too, shall pass.

I’ve nominated June 6th as the day to make my push back in to conditioning and training. By then, it will have been three weeks out of regular conditioning. It is going to suck. A lot. It will hurt and I will probably complain about it quite a bit, but I want it more than anything.

Here goes nothing.



May 6, 2011.

I can’t believe it is May already! So crazy to think that term is over and summer vacation is here. It seems like just a few days ago I arrived in Salt Lake city to begin life anew with a new job, new school and new experiences.

Life is good.

On the training front, things have stagnated. I’ve not been able to participate in much conditioning or basics in the gym because my shoulders are in the process of being rehabbed and I tweaked my knee pretty badly spotting a few weeks back. Shoulders are making progress, knee is still a bit tender and unstable, but has improved a TON while I’ve been laying off. The break has been nice and has allowed me to focus on studying for my finals, put in applications for second jobs, and focus on studying for the FSOT.

For those of you completely out of the loop, the FSOT is the Foreign Service Officer Test, the test that begins the road to a career in the US Foreign Service, a long-time dream of mine. Passing the interview process would mean being stationed at a United States Embassy abroad, a different country every 3-4 years. How amazingly awesome would that be?!

There is so much going on in my future and it is all exciting, though sometimes a bit overwhelming. I’m still focused on my training, even in my down-time. I’ve been able to do a LOT of core exercises and conditioning, which is pretty rad, but I can’t wait until I can start working my arms and legs again without too much pain. Rio 2016 is still a goal of mine, one I plan to work very diligently to achieve.

More updates will come as I am able to post them. For now, life moves forward.


Paperthin Hymn


Sunday April 10, 2011.

For whatever reason, I am awake and aware at an unusually late hour for myself.

Life is going well, only 2.5 weeks of classes left until exam time, and I couldn’t be more excited. I’m going to take the summer off from classes and focus on working and conditioning and things of that nature.

I’ve interviewed for a great overnight job at a Ski and Summer resort nearby, whose name will remain secret until I am notified of my acceptance or rejection for the position. I am pretty stoked about that, and I have applications out elsewhere.

Taxes are due April 18, but I got mine done already and am now awaiting my very first tax refund check! Hooray being an adult and actually making enough money in a year to earn a refund!!!

The whole conditioning and training thing has become stagnant as of late, resulting in my taking the past week mostly off to rejuvenate and re-structure my plans and renew my motivation. I look forward to the new routine my life will be molded to and can’t wait to let everyone know how it goes (all three of you readers).

All of that awesomeness aside, there is more awesomeness!

Two weeks ago, the optional level girls I coach (levels 7-10) competed at the Utah State Gymnastics Championships, with the Level 7 Team taking 4th as a team.

Elease won the Bars, Beam, Floor and All-Around in the Level 7, 8-9 year-old age group. Elease was also 6th on Vault.

Karley won Balance Beam, Floor and All-Around in the Level 7, 10-year-old age group. Karley also placed 3rd on Bars and tied for 2nd on Vault.

Also in the 10-year-old age group, Lexi was tied for 4th on Vault, 9th on Bars and Beam, 8th on Floor and 10th All-Around. Annie was 5th on Vault, 7th on Bars, 5th on Beam, 3rd on Floor and 6th All-Around. Shantelle was 8th on Vault and Bars, 4th on Beam and Floor, 7th All-Around.

In the 12-year-old age group, Dani was 9th on Vault, 8th on Bars, 4th on Beam, 6th on Floor and 9th All-Around. Kayla finished 15th on Vault, 5th on Bars, 11th on Beam, 7th on Floor and 10th All-Around.

For Level 8, Zoe was 3rd on all events and in the All-Around for the 11-year-olds, but, unfortunately, did not make the qualifying score to attend regionals. For 12-year olds, Britley was 11th on Vault and Beam, 8th on Bars, 3rd on Floor and 10th All-Around. in the 13-year-old age group, Ashlee was 9th on Vault and Bars, 15th on Beam, 13th on Floor and 12th All-Around. Britley and Ashley qualified to compete at regionals!

In level 9, Tee competed in the Senior B age group, finishing 4th on Vault, Bars and in the All-Around, 1st on Beam and 3rd on Floor. Stosh competed in the Senior D age group, placing 3rd on Vault and 1st on Bars, Beam, Floor and in the All-Around. Both Tee and Stosh will be competing at regionals!

Our lone Level 10, Charly, competed in the Junior C age group, winning the Vault, Floor and All-Around while placing 2nd on Bars and Beam. Charly will be competing at regionals with Stosh, Tee, Britley and Ashlee.

I am SO excited for the girls! 🙂

– –

That is my life so far.

Je Suis Jamais Alle

It has been quite a while, yes?

I feel it, too. It is the first Tuesday back after Spring Break, and I am already a bit overwhelmed with this whole being in class versus sleeping my life away in my nice comfy bed thing. I long to be back under the covers, wrapped up tight, sailing through dreamland…..

So much for that. Instead of being wrapped in down-filled bliss and dreaming of spending all of my money on unnecessarily long road trips to Canada for a certain coffee chain’s coffee and doughnuts…. No joke. I really did dream that I gathered all of the money I possibly could, filled my car with gas, and drove myself to Calgary just to sit inside a Tim Hortons shop all day long drinking double-doubles and noshing on TimBits.

Yet, I awoke to my bedroom in Salt Lake City, with my Thai flag hanging proudly over my bed, next to the wall that I painted a nice Greek blue a few months ago. Not that I am in anyway upset that I woke up in Salt Lake City, but I was mildly disappointed that my dream of Canadian coffee shop bliss was just that… a dream…

Anywho. Tennis class this morning rocked my socks, even though I couldn’t get any good shots today :/

I am now sitting, waiting for my African Politics class, writing this blog entry and contemplating abandoning campus for the comfort of my bed, which I only got to spend three hours with last night. Oh well. I do not work at the gym again until next Monday due to session-related gym closings. I am looking forward to the work break, but it also means I only have Saturday during open gym to go in and do conditioning and work on the apparatus. Lucky for me, the condo complex in which I reside has cardio equipment on-site, so at least I can do that a few times between now and then.

Conditioning and everything is going well. Every single day, I am making a bit of progress, each day I am one step closer to fulfilling my dream. This dream, however, is not without cost. I’ve endured sore muscles and joints, severe pain in my shoulders, culminating in lots of ice packs and awkward gaits in my attempts to walk around. But I feel it will all be worth it. Someday.

– – – –

Not much remains to be said. I am incredibly thirsty. I am very hateful of my mobile phone right now. It needs to me spring time and warmer than it currently is. Truth.

Stereo Love

It has been quite a while, hey?

I’ve been enjoying my Spring Break and taking some downtime from the rigors of academic life. I’m still conditioning and whatnot, but nothing too thrilling. I’ve started sprinting for vault and have moved from the pit to the actual floor (but with crash mats) for my front tucks and layouts. My shoulder isn’t quite in the place it needs to be to begin actually tumbling, but in due time it will be ready.

Spring Break has been marvelous. I’ve had two interview requests for additional jobs, which is incredibly thrilling. I hope one of them comes through. I can’t wait for the interviews!

That aside, life is pretty decent. Nothing too thrilling nor too devastating, just life. 🙂

Hope all is well for all three of you readers! 😀

En Ville

First off, let me just say that Daylight Savings Time is a wretched beast.

Time changes are pointless in our modern era and need to be eliminated post-haste.

– – –


Class starts in six minutes. Five members of my class are here. What the eff-bomb?

Life is progressing.

I may or may not have passed the million mark on my job application submissions. I am desperate for a second job like woah.

Conditioning is going well. Every day I get a bit further and every day I get closer to reaching my goals.

I know its a short post, but it is still early in the day.

On a Monday.

After Daylight Savings Time.


Arizona (mini post)

In about an hour and a half, I will sit to write my Comparative Politics midterm exam.

Not a fan of these sorts of things, especially since the professor expects total failure from the entire class. Not too motivating.

Oh well. I am as prepared as I will ever be, so that is that and whatever happens will happen.

It’s a cloudy Monday in the Wasatch Front area (Salt Lake City and surrounding valley areas), but that is okay with me.

– – –

I don’t really have a whole lot more to say here.

I hope all three of my readers are having a FANTASTIC Monday!